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Empowered by AI, Supawork AI - AI CV Builder streamlines CV creation by incorporating essential keywords, enhancing your writing, and showcasing your strengths effortlessly.

Build your CV with Supawork AI

200,000+ professionals use Supawork AI to optimise their CVs, paving the way to their dream positions.

Supawork AI's CVs get people hired at top companies:

Supawork AI

AI CV writer, powered by Supawork AI

Supawork AI - AI CV Builder optimises the power of AI within a user-friendly interface, allowing you to focus fully on refining your CV. Our AI assistant provides tailored suggestions, guiding you closer to achieving your career aspirations with precision.
Powered By Supawork AI

Analyse keywords, boost your CV's visibility.

Find crucial words for your CV to increase your chances of getting the job.

Nail the keywords, beat the ATS
Nail the keywords, beat the ATS

Improve your CV

In addition to basic spelling and grammar checks, Supawork AI assists in refining your bullet points to highlight impact and emphasise achievements.

Improve your writing
Improve your writing

Job Tailored AI CV

Attract the recruiter's notice with a CV summary crafted by AI, tailored to the job ad, and a title optimised with key job-related keywords, courtesy of Supawork AI.

Supawork AI
AI Tailored resume summary

Highlight your strengths

Differentiate yourself from other applicants with a specialised section showcasing your individual strengths. Crafting this area can be challenging for many, but our enhanced Supawork AI assistant provides valuable guidance.

Highlight your strengths

Eye-catching designed templates friendly reading for recruiters, created using AI technology from Supawork AI

We've improved these CVs for recruiters with the power of Supawork AI. Choose your preferred template and begin your application journey.

Our AI CV builder features

Ensure your CV is free of grammatical and punctuation mistakes.
Over 20 expertly crafted CV sections
Customised CV creation tailored to your desired position
A feature packed resume builder
A feature packed resume builder

Craft a perfect cover letter

Leverage our AI assistant to efficiently craft tailored cover letters for every job application, drawing from your experience.

Create the perfect cover letter

Import from your old CV or LinkedIn profile

One click to build a CV? No problem! With Supawork AI CV Builder, simply upload your existing CV or link your LinkedIn profile, and our AI will automatically extract all the essential sections to kickstart your professional CV creation journey.

Start with your old resume or LinkedIn profile
Start with your old resume or LinkedIn profile
Start with your old resume or LinkedIn profile

Customer Review

Undoubtedly the finest CV tool I've ever utilised—Supawork AI excels in simplicity and effectiveness.
Alexander Dana
I revamped my wife's dull CV into a polished and engaging one using a template. She secured a job within weeks of applying to the first position. While her skills were the key reason for her hire, the CV significantly expedited the process.
Don Mendoza
Within just 20 days of utilising Supawork AI CV Builder, I landed a job that nearly doubled my previous salary. I wholeheartedly endorse Supawork AI CV Builder for its incredible results...
4.9 Rating
10000+ customers like.
An exceptional CV tool: user-friendly interface, abundant templates, flexible for adjustments, convenient section customisation. Outstanding customer service. Definitely using Supawork AI again without hesitation.
Daphne D.
This AI CV Builder tool truly transformed my job search. It elevated my CV above the rest, and I will certainly be advocating for Supawork AI to others looking to enhance their job applications.
Fitch Q.
Very visually-stunning templates and modules that can be added. I spent a few hours working on converting my old 1998-style CV to a 2-page Supawork AI CV Builder, and very pleased with the outcome. Some nice visual options and styles that can get the right message across.
Kristin Smith
I utilised Supawork AI to craft a standout CV that caught recruiters' attention. The feature that impressed me most was the ability to tailor my CV to specific job positions. I will definitely use your service again and recommend it to anyone seeking to create an impactful CV. Thank you!
Hogan Matt


What is an AI CV builder?

An AI CV builder, such as Supawork AI, utilises artificial intelligence to guide users in crafting their CVs. These innovative tools provide personalised templates, content suggestions, ATS optimisation, customisation features, feedback mechanisms, and revision options to streamline the CV creation process.

How do I use AI on my CV?

To employ AI on your CV using Supawork AI, consider the following tasks:

  • Generate or rewrite challenging CV sections like the personal statement and job descriptions.
  • Enhance the action and performance orientation of your CV bullet points with AI assistance.
  • Receive suggestions for relevant skills and keywords tailored to your job title.
  • Utilise your CV for creating a mock interview preparation.
  • Use your CV as a foundation for crafting your cover letter effectively.

Can recruiters tell if my CV was written by AI?

As long as your application is customised with your job history and accomplishments, it's unlikely that recruiters can tell if you used AI. AI can only help improve your CV writing, but lying on a CV is unacceptable.

Are CVs scanned by AI?

Some companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan CVs, which may incorporate AI functionalities. These systems analyse CVs to align them with job requirements. While Supawork AI's CV templates are optimised for ATS compatibility, achieving a full parsing rate depends on the ATS model since content holds more significance for ATS alignment than the template design.

What features does Supawork AI's AI CV builder offer?

Supawork AI's AI CV builder offers a variety of advanced features:

  • Capability to generate challenging CV sections like the personal statement and job descriptions.
  • AI-driven content writing and suggestions tailored to your input, providing insights on enhancing your professional achievements and relevant skills.
  • ATS optimisation ensuring compatibility with employer screening systems through suggested keywords based on your job role.
  • Feedback and revision tools including a CV checker for overall quality assessment, layout improvement suggestions, and grammar enhancements.