Build and optimise your CV with Supawork AI.

CV management, job screening, tailored CVs with Supawork AI, taking your career to a new journey.

Start a new career journey with Supawork AI


Expert CV Handling

Streamline your job application with expert presentation.

Smart CV Organisation

Sorts and prioritises CVs for efficient job applications.

AI Job Autofill

AI-driven autofill for job applications for convenience.

Job Search Filtering

AI-assisted job search to boost your success in landing a job.

Transforming a new journey with AI CV organisation, AI job filter, AI job matching, AI job keyword finder.

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AI CV Organisation

AI-powered CV generator for customised, impactful job applications.
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AI Job Filter

Smart filtering AI connects professionals with suitable job opportunities.
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AI Job Matching

Personalised job recommendations by AI tailored to my career goals.
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Job Keyword Finder

AI detects and recommends keywords to enhance my job hunt.